• Bear Masks
  • Class with Mr. Bill
  • Shapes
  • Class with Teacher Mary
  • Learning about Money


  • 1. Good Morning

    Greet child & parent. Find name card. Write name on board. Wash hands.
  • 2. Open Period

    Arts & Crafts, Dramatic play, Work with teacher on materials.
  • 3. Group Time

    Stories, games, & current events.
  • 4. Calendar

    Learn months of year, days of week, and counting.
  • 5. Snack Time

    Nutritional snacks, learn about healthy snack choices, how to visit with friends.
  • 6. End of Day

    Puzzles, group activities, & outside play.

What we do

The Montessori Method

The Montessori method is an approach to education which emphasizes the potential of the yough child and which attemps to develop this potential by means of a prepared...

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School approach

Teaching differences

The focus of this system is the development of materials, educational techniques and observation which support the natural development of children. The teacher in a...

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Active learning

Montessori in the classroom

A child starting a Montessori class is slowly and methodically introduced to MOntessori learning materials. The learning environment ensures that a child leanrs in a logical...

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